Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. Celebrates Eight Years of Success!

Proven Compliance Solutions, Inc. (PCS) is pleased to announce its eight-year anniversary in the field of NERC Reliability Compliance Consulting.  PCS has firmly established its level of excellence in providing NERC and Regional Reliability Standards consulting services for both the Operations and Planning Standards and the Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards.

PCS was formed in 2010 by a team of seasoned compliance professionals who continue to make a qualitative difference in the electric utility industry.  Collectively, the PCS team has over 300 years of industry experience in literally all aspects of the power system including generator and transmission system operations, technical writing, marketing, and regulatory compliance, all from an industry standpoint.  PCS has managed over 430 projects that have served the compliance needs of more than 130 industry clients throughout the U.S. and Canada, providing a full range of compliance support and program management.  Many clients have been with PCS since 2010 and continue to request services, as well as refer PCS to their colleagues on a regular basis.

PCS’ executive team includes Crystal Musselman, President & CEO (WECC Standards Committee member, Western Interconnection Compliance Forum founder and former chair), Mitchell Needham, PE, Vice President – NERC Consultation Services O&P (former NERC Reliability Readiness and Compliance Auditor with over 40 years of experience), Francis Esselman, Vice President & Managing Partner (over 40 years industry experience in fossil plant operations and system operations management), and Ryan Carlson, Vice President – Critical Infrastructure Protection Services (27 year cyber security industry expert).

PCS services include audit support and preparation, compliance assessments, mock audits, gap analyses, staff training, authoring and implementation of Internal Compliance Programs (ICPs), development and implementation of reliability compliance documentation, proper document management methods, and advising clients on reliability compliance issues.  PCS works with entities to develop and implement sound operational procedures that support all aspects of regulatory compliance.  The PCS team is unique in that it has extensive expertise from both sides of the audit table, as well as in the implementation and management of NERC compliance programs.  The team includes two former NERC auditors, two former WECC CIP auditors, five former compliance program managers, and a track record of excellence in Regional audits.

Anita Swanson, PCS Director, Assistant Corporate Secretary and Project Manager overseeing numerous client projects, summed up the last eight years for her as, “An incredible and rewarding experience.  The satisfaction of knowing the PCS team is making a meaningful difference for each of our clients makes the efforts very worthwhile.  The appreciation and positive feedback that we receive from our clients on a continual basis is a great affirmation to our hard work.  I’m very fortunate to work with a group of outstanding colleagues, all of whom bring an incredible amount of industry experience and expertise to each and every project.  I look forward to many more years with PCS.”

PCS provides a full range of Reliability Standards compliance services.  PCS NERC Compliance Consulting Services has an unsurpassed track record in Regional Audit success.  Whether your need for support is in the area of Operations and Planning Standards or Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards for your utility, generation facility, solar facility or wind facility, PCS provides the technical expertise and program management support you desire.  PCS delivers compliance interpretations based on extensive auditing experience, coupled with programs and processes that provide you confidence in the compliance status of your organization.

For information on how PCS can support your organization’s NERC Reliability Standards compliance needs, please contact Dale Zahn at (262) 436-4116 or visit our website at

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