Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. “STANDARDS COMPLIANCE INTELLIGENCE PORTAL” Provides Essential Support to NERC CIP Managers and Subject Matter Experts

Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. (PCS), industry recognized for excellence in North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Reliability Standards Compliance Consulting Services, is pleased to announce its Standards Compliance Intelligence Portal (SCIP) is providing valuable and essential support to its CIP clients.

PCS CIP staff members have been in the business of CIP program development, implementation, technical procedure writing, staff training, and mock audit/gap analysis projects since the inception of NERC CIP mandatory compliance.  PCS CIP team members fully understand the ramifications of CIP compliance and are working with numerous clients in multiple NERC Regions throughout the U.S. and Canada to implement their CIP programs.  PCS understands the challenges associated with staying on top of the CIP Standards and firmly believes the SCIP application is a vital tool for accomplishing this task.

Ryan Carlson, PCS Vice President - Critical Infrastructure Protection Services had this to say regarding the value of SCIP:

“Keeping up with the rapidly changing world of NERC CIP compliance is a fulltime job.  SCIP is a powerful tool that allows NERC compliance professionals and field personnel to be aware of upcoming changes to CIP Standards or the addition of new CIP Standards and to immediately understand how those changes will impact their organization.  SCIP customizes the information presented in the online portal based on the client’s functional registrations, CIP-002 BCS Impact Levels, and the types of facilities operated.  For example, a client who owns and operates a High-Impact BCS Transmission Control Center would only be presented with information relevant to their NERC functions and BCS Impact Level and would not have to sift through information that only affects Generator Owners or Generator Operators or Low Impact BCS facilities.”

SCIP is NOT a Software Solution, but rather a customized, user friendly, real-time application developed and managed by PCS’ Reliability Compliance Professionals.  Simply log into the web-based portal to view your Entity-specific Reliability Standards Under Development, recently Approved Standards and implementation dates, changes to NERC Rules of Procedure, regional criteria and protocols, industry news, as well as hot topics and other reliability compliance related items.  SCIP addresses the full range of NERC Operations and Planning Standards (O&P), as well as the CIP Standards.

If you and/or your compliance team would like to hear more about SCIP or see a demo, call PCS today and we will get you scheduled!

Along with SCIP, PCS provides a full range of Reliability Standards compliance services.  PCS NERC Compliance Consulting Services has an unsurpassed track record in Regional Audit success.  Whether your need for support is in the area of Operations and Planning Standards or Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards for your utility, generation facility, solar facility or wind facility, PCS provides the technical expertise and program management support you desire.  PCS delivers compliance interpretations based on extensive auditing experience, coupled with programs and processes that provide you confidence in the compliance status of your organization.

For information on how PCS can support your organization’s NERC Reliability Standards compliance needs, please contact Dale Zahn at (262) 436-4116 or visit our website at

For information on how PCS can support your organization’s NERC Reliability Standards compliance needs and to request a SCIP Demo, please contact Dale Zahn at (262) 436-4116 or visit our website at

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