Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie Selects Proven Compliance Solutions for Support of its NERC CIP and O&P Standards Compliance Program

Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. (PCS) is pleased to have been selected by Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie (HQT) as its NERC consulting team of choice to provide detailed and comprehensive compliance program evaluations and audit preparation support.

HQT operates the most extensive transmission system in North America managing power flows across Québec. The HQT system comprises 34,292 km of lines and 536 substations, as well as interconnections allowing power interchanges with grids in the Atlantic Provinces, Ontario and the U.S. Northeast region.

PCS is an organization built around industry experts with a proven track record for providing efficient and cost-effective compliance management solutions. The PCS team includes two former NERC auditors, a former WECC CIP auditor, and six former compliance program managers. The PCS team has decades of expertise in generation, transmission, marketing, control systems, physical/cyber security, and compliance management. PCS delivers compliance interpretations based on its extensive auditing experience and demonstrated regional audit success. This vast experience and expertise provides clients with confidence in PCS’ ability to develop the right compliance approach for their organization, as well as enhancing their ability to manage NERC compliance obligations.

PCS provides expert compliance support services to entities in WECC, RF, NPCC, TRE/ERCOT, SERC, SPP, FRCC, MRO, and all Canadian provinces. PCS compliance support and program management includes transmission as well as generation fleets that span multiple regions with responsibilities to both U.S. Regional Entities and compliance monitors within the Canadian provinces.

Crystal Musselman, PCS President and CEO commented, “I am excited for this opportunity to work with HQT and am confident the PCS team will exceed their expectations in all aspects of our compliance support.”

For information on how PCS can support your company’s NERC compliance needs, please contact Dale Zahn at (262) 436-4116 or visit the PCS website at http://www.provencompliance.com.

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