Cyber Security (CIP)

Proven Compliance Solutions personnel have a wealth of NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) experience.  Our CIP compliance team includes NERC trained auditors, former CIP committee members (including CIPC), and cyber/physical security specialists, including two Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs).  Our personnel have been involved in every aspect of CIP Standards compliance including mock audits, physical/cyber site reviews, vulnerability assessments, and full compliance implementations.  Our team strives to stay current with the continuously changing requirements to ensure our clients sustain full compliance.  Our three primary practice areas are:

CIP Compliance Assessments

CIP Program Development

CIP Implementation and Special Projects

Other CIP-specific services include:

  • CIP Training (one day workshop or customized for your organization)
  • SME Coaching
  • Security Event Logging Solutions
  • Malicious Software Prevention Program and Tools
  • Testing Programs
  • Security Patching Programs
  • ESP (CIP-005) Vulnerability Assessments
  • CCA (CIP-007) Vulnerability Assessments
  • ESP Design, Implementation, and Review
  • Risk-Based Assessment Methodology Review
  • CIP-005/007 Annual Documentation Reviews
  • Cyber Security Awareness Program
  • Cyber Security Training Program
  • Physical Security Perimeter - Access Controls Design and Review
  • Technical Feasibility Exception (TFE) Review
  • Roles and Responsibilities Design/Implementation
  • Cyber Asset Account Management

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